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As with all other internet and broadband services in Spain, the mobile phone market is also pretty much dominated by Telefonica, 3rd largest telecommunications.

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Numbers in Spanish Quiz. Guess the Spanish since it's different because I'm in Spanish 2 it's dieciseis and etc because the formal way to say numbers in Spain.

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Payasyougo cell phone. Our students have found that the cheapest and most effective way to keep in touch is to buy a payasyougo cell phone in Spain.

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Telephones in Spain. Warning: If a landline telephone andor internet access is important to you or your business, see Spanish Property Purchase Pifalls Telephones A Rough Guide to Using Your Mobile Phone in Spain NOTE: Changes in EU legislation have significantly reduced costs of using your mobile in the EU, so that (unless you. Spanish Vocabulary Quiz: How strong is your Spanish vocabulary? Take our 10question quiz to find out and maybe learn some new Spanish words along the way.

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May 18, 2015Scroll down to take the quiz. told The Huffington Post in an You get a little antsy when you forget your phone at home for a day or get stuck.
Test your knowledge with this cell phone quiz. See how much you really know about cell phone signals, towers and more with the cell phone quiz.